February 23, 2010

More and more

Trust, such a key part of life, it is a bond that unites people towards a common goal. How can we love those who we do not trust?

I find that the more I can trust a persons intent vs. a persons actions, the more free I am to love that person. For while actions can affect me in direct ways, to judge a persons intent and not believe that they want things that are good would be affecting me in indirect ways as well. My attitude towards that person would not be one where forgiveness could be given, "because they meant to cause me harm" It amazes me how often a little thoughtless act can turn into a war between souls, that we become so selfish in our own attitudes that another cannont recieve that which we believe is undeserved.

Its a complex mess, a downward spiral, by showing distrust of intent tells the other person that you do not care for them as individuals, so they begin to distrust YOUR intent, and downward and downward it goes.
We cannot begin to fix the problem until one person shows enough integrity to trust intent, over the actions resulted from that intent. New actions can be learned, a different approach to problems can be developed, but we cannot teach intent, its something that comes from God, to have a Godly intent, does not mean we have Godly actions. 

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