February 28, 2010


So its something that has come to my attention, Girls think differently than guys... Wow... Who knew???

 I wrote a poem over a year ago and just now thought of it, It was written for my mother to tell her that Genuine love is unconditional, its based on more than what we can expect to gain from it.

Love? Who decides who is worthy of such a thing?
Is it the masses the simple majority?
Maybe someone standing in a place of authority?
What is it to love to care that drives us to share?
Why must we act on this emotion?
This thought sometimes called a fools notion?
We speak of love as if it were a riddle.
To love or hate , there is no middle.
But the question remains
Can we start again?
When even ourselves we are afraid to love.
Always wanting to have our worth verified.
The thought of just us keeps us terrified.
The answer to all these questions must lie.
Somewhere beyond this expanse of sky.
The Being who created us all.
Has shown us that love is never small.
It belongs to all of us true.
Not one is denied this boon.
Every soul that dreams.
Every heart that mourns.
Deserves to have that love shown.
The next part is the hardest.
To love ourselves when we feel the darkest.
Knowing in our very souls.
He has not given up on us in our toils.
If He can love us no matter what.
So can we even when we get stuck.

It's a little rough and could use some editing but I feel it captures the raw emotions just right.

In a lesson today we talked about what the fundamental differences are between a Guy and a Girl. Guys are like Buffalo's we tend to do our thing and ignore the world around us, Girls on the other hand are like Butterfly's they are more acutely in tune with the world around them, the slightest breeze they notice and react to. While Guys tend to think of things in straight lines and A+B=C mentality, Girls tend to be more focused in the surroundings, the feelings and emotions involved rather than the thinking it takes to get from point A to point B. Not that I claim to be an expert by a long shot. But to understand the differences is to help understand ways to show more love and compassion towards the opposite sex. 

We also discussed some of the major ways that Men hurt their wives(without even realizing it). Because we tend to think in straight lines and solving the problems that arise we dont focus on how the words we speak might be taken in ways that hurt. We can talk to other guys and say the same things and it will totally be taken in stride, just as we say it with no hidden meaning attached. But because of the sensitive nature of Women the slightest sarcastic remark can lead to them thinking less of themselves.

The key to Love as far as I have been able to understand is, Love is Patient, and Love is Kind. or in other words, Love God, and Love your neighbor. so simple in saying, yet goes so deep as to affect every single aspect of our lives and all of our relationships. We are taught to do unto others as we would be done by, yet often times I find myself flipping it, and doing to others as I have been done by, hitting my brother cause he hit me first, making a rude remark because I was ridiculed. All of this leads to unsatisfied relationships, and hurt. So it must start with me, I must be the one to act before acted upon, and to return Good for Evil.

February 23, 2010

More and more

Trust, such a key part of life, it is a bond that unites people towards a common goal. How can we love those who we do not trust?

I find that the more I can trust a persons intent vs. a persons actions, the more free I am to love that person. For while actions can affect me in direct ways, to judge a persons intent and not believe that they want things that are good would be affecting me in indirect ways as well. My attitude towards that person would not be one where forgiveness could be given, "because they meant to cause me harm" It amazes me how often a little thoughtless act can turn into a war between souls, that we become so selfish in our own attitudes that another cannont recieve that which we believe is undeserved.

Its a complex mess, a downward spiral, by showing distrust of intent tells the other person that you do not care for them as individuals, so they begin to distrust YOUR intent, and downward and downward it goes.
We cannot begin to fix the problem until one person shows enough integrity to trust intent, over the actions resulted from that intent. New actions can be learned, a different approach to problems can be developed, but we cannot teach intent, its something that comes from God, to have a Godly intent, does not mean we have Godly actions. 

February 18, 2010

Why is it so hard to live like we should? I've been thinking that it must come down to the hard truth... we either will accept it or we wont, God loved us so he sent his son.

Now most people I know, understand at least  partially what that phrase means. Christ came to this earth. But the other part that is sometimes overlooked is that God Loves Us. Yes that includes you, and it includes me. Now as a mormon I find it amazing that such things can exist, God is not some distant supreme being shooting lightning out his fingertips. He is our father, our creator and loves us as such. Amazing, simply amazing.

So now here is something that has been on my mind in relation to that concept. What does God require of us? Well we could go through the entire list of covenants and commandments both ancient and modern, but I think Christ himself summed it up perfectly.... When asked what the two greatest commandments were, he responded that the first was to love God with all your heart, might, mind, and strength. The second he said was to love our neighbor as ourself. In my studys I have come to find out that any law or commandment God gives us is based on those two principles. When we do as we are commanded we Are loving God and Loving our neighbor. It doesnt matter what the Law or Covenant or Commandment is we are told to obey, God doesnt give them to us under any other premise than to show us how to love as he loves. He wants us to have the kind of love that he expresses to each and everyone of his children.

February 13, 2010


I think I am developing a love/hate relationship with dances. I love seeing my friends and dancing but I hate the games and little things that people play. Its just almost not worth it, if I had worse friends anyway :)

Of course there is always that girl that knows she has something on you and will play it up till your blue in the face. And the guy that plays the smooth casanova with every girl in the room. All for what?

February 11, 2010


Trust is not something that you either have or you dont, its something that is created, and can either be built up or torn down. Of course the easiest way to maintain a high level of trust is to never do anything that would offend another, but that is impossible. In our human condition we make mistakes all the time. and those mistakes will affect others ability to trust us. Assuming too much, or acting like our actions do not affect others is definitely something to avoid.

Ill post more on this subject when more occurs to me :)

February 09, 2010

Its ok to have a Crap day; as long as it doesnt become a Crap tomorrow...

So I was having a really bad day yesterday, based mostly on only getting a few solid hours of sleep. (it was not a good night either). After talking to a few close friends and kind of just letting things off my chest, I felt a little better, but still junky.

I was trying my best to modify my attitude and nothing was working, at least to the point of me being content and fairly happy with my lot in life. Its weird cause its hard to keep me down for too long, I am usually the type that chooses to be happy inspite of it all.

Towards the end of the day I went to a small discussion group that me and my friends put together to just study the gospel and help others understand it. It was just the therapy I needed. I am probably considered a loud mouth in the group because I always have something to say about whatever topic is being brought up. I love the Gospel and all it has done in my life, and I want to share that with others.

So after my personal therapy session ;) I was talking to my friend and it came to me, that despite all it being such a dissappointing day, thats all it had to be, I dont have to let it affect tomorrow or the next day or the next day. Life happens and bad days are just a part of it. I learned that its ok to not be perfectly happy all the time, because life will change back around, as long as we take one day at a time. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today. So take your crap days, cause they happen, but remember that tomorrow is a day that everything starts over. So dont let the mistakes of yesterday ruin the promise of today.

February 07, 2010


So this morning I went to Elders class, first time going to that class and it was amazing.
The lesson was given by a good friend of mine and it was about Happiness being the purpose of Man's existence. I have my own thoughts on happiness and the key one being happiness is a choice. I never fully realized how deep that was before. It was brought up that Happiness is not a goal, or rather you cant just have happiness, instead it is a end result of living virtueous and uprightly before God. Everytime I can remember being unhappy was when I knew that the way I was doing things and the way I would act were not how I should act. We make a choice about everything in life, from the music we listen to on the radio to the choice in eternal companions. It is simply not enough to just do aas you want, it is imperitive that we do what is right. Man is to have joy(happiness) and a true joy never can come from any other means than a celestial path. Drugs, Sex, and various other pleasures of the flesh never can hold true joy, because they are not eternal. And who wants to be miserable for eternity? I dont!!

So it does come down to choosing happiness, by choosing to be happy we must also as a matter of consequence choose those actions and laws that will bring us happiness. For there is never a blessing given by God except on the law or commandment or principle it is based on being followed. So the Blessing of Happiness requires more than just recieving gifts or having enough money in the bank. More than anything it requires us to give God all our heart, cause he will take care of us, and give what we require, eternal happiness is something we can attain, but only by following God

February 06, 2010

The joys of living as a bachelor :)

Its not so bad really, I make food I love and enjoy, no one tells me when to go to bed, and I get to pay all my own expenses like a real adult would.

Speaking of food, I made spaghetti tonight :) a definite favorite, if a girl can make a better sauce than I, I would so just get down on one knee on the spot... lol. Its different everytime since I don't really follow a set recipe or anything just a few select spices that are amazing.

So if you ever want good homemade pasta give me a call we will make a date of it. ;)

Power in prayer

There is something powerful about prayer, something that links us to our creator in such a human way. I find it amazing that no matter the struggle I face I can just take it to him and he will be able to help me, maybe not in the way I expect but in the way I need. My mind is working out a way to say the things it wants to say without giving too much away. Needless to say my life like anyone elses is full of individual battles, some to the point where I have been fighting so long its become part of my routine.

Still it is a wonder I have any sanity at all for the lack of hope I see in the future at times. A country continually spiraling downward to its own destruction, like me, can only maintain its current course before the crutches supporting it will break.

I have always prided myself on my ability to solve problems, to take something abstract and make sense of it. My friends have always trusted me with their problems because I can give solid advice. Yet, in my own life I have a hard time really seeing all the angles of things. In other words I dont know how to help "me".

Prayer is wonderful in its simplicity, there is just something easy of knock and it shall be opened. The peace that is available that while most times seems so out of reach, is amazing. I feel such a profound joy that is hard to describe without using a lot of flowing words. Peace, yes its just a simple thing and I feel so grateful for the beauty that is my life.

I may not know what the future may hold and I may not know how the day may end, but this morning I feel peace, a better understanding of the moment and a greater hope for the unknown. My God is God, and with that knowledge I can look forward to the things "I" dont know and be content, because He knows it.

February 05, 2010

A poem I wrote a while ago

Where I go

Torn, beyond belief,

Follow my heart or follow my feet

Either way I have so much to gain,

But so much to lose that I cant regain.

In the end of my journey there will be,

Choices made that will set me free.

Free to live my life as I would,

Feeling no guilt for the things that could not be.

Willing to move forward regardless the cost,

I take the steps even when I feel so lost.

Looking for a Landmark, a sign to follow.

Tracing the pattern of my Hollow.

How many times must I wander in circles,

Hoping to find a way beyond the trees.

I feel the breeze breath across my valley,

Bringing scents of a world I cannot believe.

My heart says to take the step beyond the trees.

My feet say here is comfort and safety.

Continue my circling for a step or so.

Till I begin to cry out LET ME GO.

The Valley of my imprisonment.
Sometimes the words of the past seem to echo in my mind lately, just random snippets of conversations and feelings that were expereinced. I look back at some of my writings from long ago and realize that who I am has continued to grow. Progression is key to finding what we seek, if we constantly are doing and thinking the same things over and over we will never get any different answers. So I look on what could happen this year, and I am glad for a direction to head, a direction to follow. But like it says which direction? "Follow my heart, or follow my feet..."

February 04, 2010

Working on the remodel

So I have decided that Remodels are not my cup of tea, its always such a chaotic mess to do, specially in a house that is still being lived in. Constant shuffling of things from one room to another, as soon as that area gets finished then the stuff gets moved back into it along with more stuff from the next area. On the brightside though it is getting done. Just finished the downstairs living room painting. next on the list is Carpet and baseboards. Its been pretty good though, I get to play with all sorts of different aspects of home building that I really hadnt ever done before. (i.e. Drywall, Painting, flooring and such)

On a different note I had a thought occur to me today, now it may have just been the paint fumes talking but I was thinking that I need to get moving, not in a physical sense of movement but in a directional sense of making forward progress in my life. I can only do so much at my present state of being, so in order to progress I need to change a few things that are holding me in place.


I find myself contemplating a few things this morning, mostly choice. Had a friendly debate yesterday with a friend about whether or not we do anything we dont want to do, she was of the opinion that you cant do something you dont want to, because by doing something you have made the choice to want to do it. I will disagree with that, I believe we do something nine times out of ten because we either want the reward or we fear the consequences. The other ten percent while yes it could be stated that we want to do it, we do it because we believe it is right, that we want to do what is right without thought to reward. Just some strange thoughts rolling through my head at the moment as I look at my life and see me doing things that while my first choice would be not to do them, the ultimate choice is I will do them because; 1. I see no better alternative, 2.My life will be better for the effort despite the consequences of going through that process. 3. That it is right, and no matter how much I dislike the thought of doing it, it is more important that I do whats right than what I want to do.

February 03, 2010

Hmmm I think I will do this more often haha

So I have been thinking lately that it was time to restart my blog, not something I take lightly I am going to totally reformat and start over with fresh ideas in the areas of growing up, being alive, and what it means to love. I find that the less I express myself, the less faith I have in my ability to do so. Something has been on my mind a great deal though and that is what is it that brings people to reach out and connect to each other? Is it simply a wish to be understood? Or something even deeper, something that gives so much more than we can put into it. If scientists could harness the power of friends it would lead to unlimited potential.

Life is simply too good and too important to just float through, it takes movement, to fully invest of ourselves in something bigger than ourselves is required to take advantage of all life has to offer.