May 05, 2010

My World at Peace

My life is blessed, my life is so much more than I have given God credit for. He really has been there, and He really does love me, not just as a child of God, but as an individual entity. I have so much more than I had previously realized, my cup runneth over.

Blessings are amazing things, I just received a second Patriarchal blessing tonight, and WoW do I feel so many different emotions right now, Between anticipation and hope, to elation and determination to do better with my life so that I may be able to receive those promises that were given.

Many things stood out to me, Faithfulness, thats a big one, and what it means and how its one of my strengths. I really like that, that I trust and believe in Christ and will work to uphold Him and Testify of Him.

Another one was family, that they are such an important part of who I am and who I could become, I love my Family, both present and future. I have struggled so hard to be the type of man that I believed I needed to be, that I wasn't becoming the type of man God wanted me to be. Kind, long-suffering, gentleness and being of service. I have been holding me back from doing what I have known I should. My mind races at the possibilities that this mindset and this ability to listen to God and receive instruction can accomplish, not just in my present family who need me to be so, but my future family.

Leadership, what defines a leader? I was told I would be a leader, not just in my family but to be involved in the leadership of the priesthood. That I would be called to do many wonderful things through the priesthood. I hope I can be worthy of such great responsibilities, that I can live my life that God can use me to be that tool in his hands that brings souls not only to Salvation but Exaltation as well.

Most of all I feel so confident in my future, that if I do my part God will do the rest, I must keep that faithfulness alive in my heart, that what God promises he fulfills as long as we do what he says.